Female Embodiment Sessions

Since my journey as a photographer first began in my late teens, I have been working with women one-on-one in ways that empower them through strong & honest portraiture. Through my own embodied self-portraits, this type of photography has touched my own life in very profound ways, which is how I came to offer these sessions to other women. This work is very dear to my heart. Whether joyous or sorrowful, or more commonly a bittersweet mix of both, I truly believe that all stages of life & growth are worth honoring through imagery.  Embodiment sessions are for women who have survived something immensely difficult- a challenge, a tragedy, or a trauma- but are now stronger, braver, and better for it, or on their way towards that renewed sense of self. Women are so often photographed in relation to others, as fiancees, wives, mothers & lovers. These facets can certainly hold so much love & beauty, but a woman's personal journey often extends beyond those roles, while other women simply don't bear any of those titles. Being photographed alone allows women the opportunity to honor themselves; to create a visual embodiment of the complex, glorious creatures we are; a way to empower ourselves; a celebration those often unseen & unsung triumphs that we hold so deep in our hearts.

embodiment  (n.) a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form.