Bridget Laudien

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” – David Alan Harvey

The Unraveled Academy

Our community is made up of creatives. We are doers, thinkers, dreamers and welcomers. We enjoy art and each other because we understand that art is inspired by the life we live. From experts to beginners, we're in this together. It's more than just taking pictures. We've built this community on the belief that we must nurture the artist as a whole. With your membership, you'll have full-time access to all of our courses and lessons at no extra cost. We deliver a wide array of photography topics, editing videos, Lightroom tutorials, starting and growing your business, health & wellness, and so much more. Unraveled Academy is a photography school and community where every photographer is welcome- no matter their story or skill level. With jam-packed courses from industry experts, networking opportunities, access to mentors and an inclusive, nurturing community, we offer artists a place to grow and create without fear of judgement and become masters of their own unique, creative journeys. For only $15 a month, you gain access to old, current and new content released monthly.


“Where every photographer has a seat at the table.”


After taking the Becoming Unraveled workshop {which I highly recommend} I joined Unraveled tribe. It has, hands down, been the best decision I’ve made for my photography. Now I’m not only a student, but an affiliate. I also work as one of their moderators ensuring that every single student in the private Facebook community gets the attention, kindness, and support they deserve.

Portfolio Reviews

As an internationally exhibited artist with 15 years of experience & a BA in photography, I bring formal education, a seasoned eye and an open mind to the table. All the way back to art school until present day, critiques have always been what’s pushed me to examine my work and grow the most. When we hide our work or fear constructive criticism, we’re really doing ourselves a disservice. There’s nothing more helpful than a thoughtful, upfront perspective of our work. I am so very excited to offer this service for fellow photographers. My honest approach is meant to give you the most valuable input I can possibly offer and to push you to grow beyond your comfort zone. Each session includes a personalized, detailed review of 50-75 of your whichever images you would like feedback on. You are free to include specific topics or questions that you feel you need help with. My review will be done within a week and will be broken down into the following topics that I find matter most to quality imagery.

Exposure & Lighting . Composition . Color management & tones . Posing & Connections . Artistic Voice .

Portfolio reviews cost $100.00


what people are saying…


“Bridget is super knowledgeable and insanely intuitive. She can look at an image..and know not only the technical settings you took the image with but also the intent you had behind it. She’s both encouraging and deliberate with her critique and does not make you feel bad for being a beginner. I will take all of her suggestions and information to heart. All of her feedback is super helpful, not only now for the beginning of my journey but I believe lots of the knowledge I gained from this critique will also serve me for years to come. This helps me tremendous to be thoughtful and bring more insight to my sessions and my business in general.”

- Jennifer Shaffer

"I was ready to throw in the towel with my photography business but my mentoring with Bridget completely changed my view. She helped me to see my strengths and was super constructive in helping me see the areas that I need work on and gave helpful suggestions. It completely opened my eyes to simple mistakes I was making that I didn't even notice before working with her.  I'm ready to re-start my business with newfound confidence and a clearer path for success."

- Desirea Corbett