Danielle's female embodiment session | New Jersey portrait photographers

I first met Danielle in 2011 when I photographed her for a feature in Yoga International magazine. She was working as a teacher in Newark at the time & was being acknowledged for including yoga & meditation in her curriculum. Last year when we reconnected I learned that she had suffered immense loss since we last spoke. Her brother, a nurse, veteran & one of her closest friends, had died of a heroin overdose. Not long after that she had to undergo a hysterectomy. This was all while she was raising her 3 sons & also in school for her doctorate. It had been one of the roughest times of her life, but by the time we spoke she felt strong, like she had finally regained her stability. The beach is where she feels most healed, so we ventured out into the chilly winter winds to embody that magnificent intersection in her life of loss, strength, peace & beauty. In Danielle's own words... "We can easily lose ourselves in our lives, good or bad. And when we finally come out of the tailspin and find our footing despite it all and are ok... that’s what we need to celebrate."