the Roseboro family lifestyle session at Croft Farms | New Jersey family photographers

As often happens with end of Winter shoots, this session had to be rescheduled because of snow. Luckily the Mom, Kathleen, is another local photographer so she was super understanding. But the second time around I was determined not to reschedule, despite the grey skies. Once we got to Croft Farms we spent some time walking around together, stopping at a few different locations along the way for photos. The more we walked & played, the more comfortable the children got & the more I got to see their wonderful personalities come out. They all kept talking about what they were going to eat for the special dinner they had planned for after the session. The littlest girl even showed me a photo of the lil' bunny they got last Fall. I was honestly in awe of the love, respect & kindness between everybody in this family; it was simply heartwarming. Towards the end of the shoot I took everybody out to a big open field with my fingers crossed that we'd get at least a little sun out there. I had them lay down a blanket together & right as they were all cuddling up, the clouds parted & the sunset shined through. As if the moment wasn't magical enough already, Dad then quietly said to everybody, "When's the last time we all cuddled like this? It feels so good". Nobody needed to say anything, they just all squeezed each other a little tighter. My eyes welled up with the happiest of tears & I then took what is now my favorite family portrait to date (the last image of this post). I was so honored to have spent this time with the Roseboro family & to have captured all their love... you guys are simply wonderful! ox