Soulshine workshop with Sue Sonnenberg | Bridget Laudien Photography


In January I took a three week online workshop with Sue Sonnenberg of Roots to Willow Photography that centered around symbolism and creating art from a place of personal strength. How does one arrive at personal strength as a means to create, you ask? Well, of course you start with your weaknesses; what you want and what’s holding you back from achieving it. We waded through our most glaring insecurities, deepest fears, and biggest life challenges, followed by describing what we have to offer the world. From the darkness comes light; your experiences transform into your own unique gifts that offer value to yourself and the people around you. This has basically been the theme of my whole life, so I was thrilled to write about it, but that honestly wasn’t even my favorite part. For me, the best part was seeing the creative guts of the other women in the workshop. We all had to introduce ourselves via video at the beginning and throughout our time together, we posted inspirations and insights in our private Facebook group. At the end we submitted our final projects, which were blind posted in the group so we could share our thoughts and feelings about the work without association or bias. I was absolutely blown away, not just visually, but by the heart in these images. I’m sharing them here with permission and credit to the amazing artists who created each image (their websites are linked to their names if you want to check out more of their work).