the Kish family lifestyle farm session in Jackson | New Jersey family photographers

Photographers, like all creatives, dream of those patrons that whole heartedly believe in what we do. There are some people who just get it. In the later months of Winter this year, I received a hilarious and charming inquiry e-mail from Jessica and I knew immediately that we were going to work together and it was going to be amazing. She knew what my art is about, she gets me. Of course as soon as we spoke on the phone we clicked and the session was booked within just a couple days.

Jess, her hubby and her adorable little boy live on a giant farm in Jackson so the location was a no brainer. The weather was absolutely perfect too. Wyatt had a blast traipsing around the tall grass and the dirt, collecting rocks along the way and subsequently stashing them in his little overalls. This is the kind of family that’s effortless to photograph. And I don’t mean because they’re so good looking (even though they’re all definitely gorgeous). I mean that because they have fun together and they love each other naturally and deeply. Those are truly the most beautiful traits of all xo