Embodiment Sessions

So I began to brainstorm ways I could offer this experience to other women. This is how my "embodiment sessions" were born: sessions for women who had survived something tragic but are now stronger, braver, better for it (or are on their way towards that light). Women are so often photographed in relation to others- as fiancees, wives, lovers & mothers. Those roles can be beautiful but some women don't belong to any of those categories & eveoften not the whole story & . I want a chance for women to be photographed just for themselves; a visual embodiment of the complex, glorious creatures we are; a way to empower ourselves & celebrate those often unseen triumphs that we hold so deep in our hearts.

Real talk: I'm getting more comfortable publicly identifying as an incest survivor. It's quite liberating. This has obviously taken decades of personal work but a particularly empowering breakthrough happened this February when I used myself for my project during the Unraveled Workshop. Seeing myself just as I am, whole & beautiful, unlocked new joy & freedom for me.







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