Photography has long been my favorite way to relate to the world around me and all of the beautiful inhabitants of it...


I have loved art and creating for as far back as I can remember. Ever since I started playing with my Mom’s camera (see super snazzy photo of me circa 1998 below to the left), photography naturally felt like what I was meant to do. My journey to get here, however, was not so straight forward…

Here’s my story in a nutshell: After studying at Montclair State University and abroad at West College Scotland, I earned my BA in photography in 2007. But as life would have it, different plans were in store for me! While I never stopped working as a photographer, I did eventually go back to school and complete an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in 2012.

My love for people and my desire to honor everybody in all the ways they deserve are at the heart of both of my careers. They have each given me amazing, life-changing experiences I would not have had otherwise and they allow me to connect with people really quickly. Both paths offer opportunities to hear family’s stories, to witness people's love for life and each other, and to see the true beauty that lives within all of us. But only photography allows me to capture those moments forever. This is why I love doing it so much. 

Originally my photography strictly revolved around serious fine art work and how I could shed light on the dark. But as I’ve grown and changed, so has my art. Working as a nurse has afforded me a whole new set of experiences that have lead me to discover the profound importance of balancing the difficult parts of life with the joyful times. Cherishing the beautiful moments that mean the most to us becomes a necessity in order to offset the sometimes very painful challenges we must endure. This insight transformed me and turned into the philosophy that now guides both my professional life and my personal one. So after years of juggling my photography alongside a full time career, I made a shift to refocus my life and give my passion the attention it begged from me. I’m continuously on this journey of evolution and learning and I would love for you to join me. 


More about me...

I regularly shoot for the New York Film Critics Series, which is a unique approach to connecting the public with movies and the people who make them. Over the years I have volunteered my services to a few wonderful organizations such as Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Habitat for Humanity, Hackensack Meridian Health, and Farm Sanctuary. I currently volunteer for Magic Hour which provides cancer patients and survivors with free portrait shoots. 


My personal work is also hugely important to me. I continue to take portraits of animals whenever I can and am a loyal supporter of animal rights. I absolutely adore photographing birds of all kinds, as well as exploring the whimsical world of insects. My ongoing personal project, Lifers, is a longterm commitment aimed at exposing and raising awareness about the sad truths of zoos. You can view the project here. My non-zoo animal portraits were taken in natural settings or at the amazing animal sanctuaries I've visited. 

When I’m not working on something photography related I can usually be found making memories with the love and light of my life- my amazing husband, Fady.