"The instrument is not the camera, but the photographer.” — Eve Arnold


After studying at Montclair State University and abroad at West College Scotland, I earned my BA in photography in 2007. I graduated with full time work as an assistant but a few months later a bad injury at a shoot took me from my dream job to jobless. For the next couple years I took whatever work I could get and while I never stopped doing photography as a side hustle, I eventually went back to school, completed an ABSN program and began working as an operating room nurse.

Back during my art school days I strictly focused on fine art portraiture. Specifically, I wanted to bring to light the most intimate and difficult aspects of people's lives. But working as a nurse afforded me a whole new set of experiences that showed me the profound importance of balancing life's trials with deep-seated joy. I still believed that images were meant to be truthful and genuine but outgrew the idea that suffering was more somehow more meaningful than happiness. Cherishing the beautiful moments and the things that mean the most to us is completely necessary. So I took my fine art background and set out to develop my own down-to-earth, meaningful style of photographing all kinds of people and families that captures the authentic love we have for our nearest and dearest and exposes the truth in joy. This journey transformed me and my newfound outlook became the guiding force for both my professional life and my personal one. So now I have two careers. Both give me amazing, life-changing opportunities and I love being able to have two ways to lovingly honor and connect with people. I get to hear family’s stories, to witness people's love for life and each other, and to see tons of things that reveal the true beauty that lives within all of us. But only photography allows me to record those moments forever, which is why it remains a huge passion of mine. I would love for you to let me capture your story. 

xo ~ B.